Sunday, May 24, 2009


Allow me to take a second before you peruse the following pictures of the Sasquatch Festival, Day One.  The photo chapters below are showing with the last band, progressive to the first band.  To get the correct experience, start at the first Sasquatch posting and work your way up the page.

All in all, great day of music.  Kings of Leon were by far the best performance, and the main reason I went, but Devotchka, the Doves, Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were all outstanding.  Highly entertaining and were good fits for the wide open Gorge.  The Decemberists could have played some of their older stuff, but they stuck to the new album only, which was ok.  Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band was a little disappointing, however.

If you didn't go and are a fan of any of the bands I shot, then I hope you can enjoy these.

Oh yeah, there was also an incident that occurred during the Decemberists.  Apparently, a young couple must have been either caught up in the moment of the venue, or were just really hot for each other and needed to hump, cause in the third or forth song into the set, the young couple scaled some cliffs, got nekked, and started going at it.  It didn't take long for most of the crowd to see it.  You KNOW they got caught!  Even Colin (lead singer) was pointing at them!  Yeah, i've got pics, but they are (vaguely) NSFW.  I'll show them by request!

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